Building Your Country Life

Dreaming of a Country Life!

When thinking of building your country life it’s easy to see the finished picture. You know exactly what you want and where you want to be. 


A common mistake is believing you can just jump in and end up with the big picture all at once.  If your country life is like mine, then you probably have multiple projects. Trying to do everything all at once can get overwhelming and leave you with half-finished projects. Start small, building your dream should be a process that takes time. When we moved to our farm 5 years ago, I made the mistake of just jumping in and still have unfinished projects left over. This mistake is what helped me develop my country life building process. 

Building Your Country Life | Planning

Start Building Your Country Life


Start by making a list of projects. Prioritize it by most important must do needs, to need projects that can wait a little longer. Last on the list should be the projects you want to do but don’t fit in the need category. Once you have your projects in order, decide which top of the project would be realistic for this year. If you are just starting out it is best to pick something that is smaller and work your way up to the bigger projects. For example, this year my husband and I decided that our one big project for the year was to move our garden and create much needed space. For beginners something small might be home décor, a small garden, getting a few chickens nothing to over the top.


You have decided on your project/s for the year, now it is time to develop you plan to complete it. Research the how-to and what you will need. Develop a time line and set goals for each month and each week until your set finish date.

Building Your Country Life | Plan

Write it Down

Writing down projects, plans and goals helps give a visual and make the project real (This is what I am Completing this year!). I keep a journal with different project lists, with a need’s category and a wants category. Each project that gets completed gets checked off. This is also where I keep track of new ideas and inspiration that I have found throughout the year. It helps to be able to go back and have something to look at for motivation.

Be flexible

Even when there is a plan in place unexpected things can happen. Storms happen, animals get sick, your basement might flood, things happen and your priorities might have to change. Living in the country, in 150-year-old house I have learned to roll with it. It is frustrating and the things you planned on getting done get put on hold. This year we had and uncommon amount of rain and the area we decided to move our garden to turned to mud, it didn’t go as planned but it was a learning experience and we found out that our location wasn’t that great if we get to much water. Learn, change your plan and keep moving through the setbacks.


After the planning, goal setting and maybe a few setbacks your project has finally been finished! Nothing feels better than checking that project off your list (well other than seeing the results). Take a minute to enjoy your hard work and be happy about what you have accomplished.

Building Your Country Life | Finished

Never Done!

Once your project is finished, be prepared to start all over again. One thing about country living, there is always more to do whether it is a need or a want, keep adding and checking things off your list.   Building your dream country life is process that is going to take time, the big picture doesn’t just happen all at once.  Work hard, Learn and remember to enjoy what you have accomplished. This will help you build the country life you will love.

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