3 Reasons You Need A Garden

3 Reasons You Need A Garden | Garden Tools

If some form of country living is what you are looking for, the best place to start is with a garden.  I don’t mean go out and start a commercial sized vegetable garden, start with something small and easy to maintain.  Container, square foot or old fashion rows, the type doesn’t really matter. These 3 reasons will explain why you need a garden and how you can benefit.

3 Reasons You Need a Garden

The list of reasons why you should start a garden is a long one, so here are 3 of my favorite reasons.

Home Grown Produce of your choosing.

The obvious reason that many like the idea of a garden, is to provide fresh produce for the dinner table. You can choose what you like and plant as much as your space allows for. If you like green beans, you can have an entire garden of green beans if that what you want.

3 Reasons You need A Garden | Fresh Vegetables

Garden Therapy

Having a garden can be a great therapy source, it requires some physical activity and can help clear your mind while tending to your outdoor tasks. It is also a great feeling, knowing that your hard work is the reason you have fresh produce. This is one of my favorite benefits, being outside in our garden helps get me active and out of the house. I like to go out in the afternoon alone while my husband is watching the kids. The garden work helps me unwind and have some time to reflect on the day that I have had or just calm the stress.

Learning Experience (My favorite)

Your garden will begin as a learning experience for you, but it can also be used as a tool to teach others. You can teach them about the planning and growing of a garden, about bugs and animals that are around the garden and you can help them with crafts to add some decoration to your garden. We went as far as adding a rainbow garden to our farm for the kids to enjoy and learn from. Purple beans, different colored carrots, bright colored peppers all planted and taken care of (with parental help) by my son and two nieces.

Our garden started as an experiment, that turned into an annual project.  It became an activity that I get to share and enjoy with my family. The 3 reasons that I have listed here are just a few things that make having a garden in our country life worth it.

3 Reasons You Need A Garden | Any Type of Garden

My husband I started with a small 4 ft by 8 ft square foot vegetable garden to learn and experiment with. It was the best decision that we have made on our farm. Years later I find myself looking forward to spring when its time to start all over again. If its something you enjoy, the work you put into creating it is always worth it.

Start your own garden any kind will do; discover new ways it can benefit you and your country life. The first step is creating a plan and deciding what is right for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, I have included a few articles that will help you plan a garden as well as decide what would be best for your country Life.

Helpful Garden Starting Posts:

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