Waiting Out A Country Winter

Winter in Northern Michigan can be hard to endure when there seem to be so many things that must be put on hold due to the weather. The weather is unpredictable, and you don’t know how long you will be inside wishing for warmer weather. During the winter months I start getting cabin fever after Christmas when the excitement has died down and the snow no longer feels like an extension of the holiday. With the cabin fever comes a sort of motivational rut. This year I decided to take the time to try and find ways to get over the slump and be more productive. Even though there isn’t much you can do outdoors while you wait out your country winter. There are things you can do to build your country life indoors.

Country Winter Waiting List

Plan Your Spring Garden

You may not be able to get outside and plant your garden, but you can plan it. December is usually when seed catalogs start showing up in the mailbox. At this point in time you can start deciding what your layout is going to be, what you will plant and where to buy the right seeds for you. Then when spring does arrive you will know exactly where to start outside.  

Need Help Planning Your Garden? It can be done with a simple three step process explained in my post Planning Your Garden.

Waiting Out a Country Winter | Reading


When you are trapped in doors everyone always suggests reading but it really does help pass the time. If reading isn’t your idea of fun, look for books, blogs and other sources to get inspiration and information about different projects or activities you plan on doing to help build your country life.


Make lists, write out your thoughts and ideas. Write down the research you read about from idea #2 on the list. Start a journal so later when the activities start building up you can look back and read what you decided was the best ways to get everything done.

Waiting Out a Country Winter | Remodel

Remodel or Organize

Pick a room in your home that you have always wanted to redo or get straightened out. Start looking for ideas and get to work. We don’t have much in t the way of storage in our home, so finding new ways to organize is always on my list.   

Small Indoor Project

Make a list of projects that you would like to do, then go through and decide where you would like to start. Paint picture frames, decorate different rooms, create a gallery wall, look for a small indoor project that will bring you one step closer to the country life you are trying to build.

writing, write, person


This is a good time of year for getting paperwork caught up or started and finding ways to keep them organized. Animal records, feed receipts, project management. Anything that generates paperwork that needs to be stored. Build binders to help keep track and sort your important papers.

These 6 things are what I try to accomplish after the holiday excitement has worn off and the lazy, lack of motivation feelings start to set in. The main thing is to keep yourself busy, find things that will help you remember your goals and create motivation. Avoid the winter rut and keep your dream of building a country life you will love moving forward. 

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