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Simple DIY Herb Garden

Simple DIY Herb Garden Container

A few years ago, I found myself using more and more fresh herbs in the kitchen . When buying these herbs from the grocery store the cost can start to add up, and you may get more then you need at the time of use. To solve these problems I  created my Simple DIY Herb Garden with the herbs that I use most. This type of garden can be put into any size container that you need. The herbs can be planted together or can be in their own individual containers. Here is how I created my galvanized tub herb garden.

What you need for DIY Herb Garden Container

What You Will Need:

Galvanized Tub
Herbs to Plant
Plastic bottles or Pop Cans
Potting Soil

Step 1: With the drill, drill drainage holes in the bottom of the galvanized tub. You will want the drainage holes, so that your herbs will not be flooded when you water them or it rains.

Plastic Bottles for DIY Herb Garden Container

Step 2: Place the plastic bottles on the bottom of the tub in a flat layer. Fill the remaining space with potting soil.

Note: The plastic bottles are there to help with drainage and to fill space. The bottles will help make it so your tub isn’t just filled with potting soil and as heavy so it will be easier to move.

herbs to plant in your herb garden container

Step 3: Use your trowel to plant each herb according to its directions. (Research each herb, determine what can be planted together and if they all need the same growing conditions.)

Simple DIY Herb Garden Complete!

Have the herbs you need right outside your door with this Simple DIY Herb Garden. Save a special trip to the store and use what you need, when you need it. This herb garden will add to your yard decor while providing for your kitchen.  Create your own simple DIY herb garden in 3 steps.

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