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What is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

What is Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Growing up I always had large breed goats (Alpine, Lamanchas, Saanens etc.) on the family farm. I had never heard of a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. My experiences with goats as a kid, helped my husband I make the decision to add a few goats to our farm. The only problem was figuring out which goat breed was the right choice. After a year of reading about different breeds and comparing each one, we decided our new additions would be Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Find out about Nigerian Dwarf Goat care, characteristics, personality and if they are what you need. 

What is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?


Nigerian Dwarfs are a miniature dairy goat breed, the does are 22 inches or less at the withers and can weigh 25 to 35 pounds. Bucks are 23 ½ inches or less at the withers and can weigh 30 to 45 pounds. If this breed of goat stays healthy and has no problems they can be expected to live a life span of 12-14 years.

Milk Production

Nigerian Dwarfs can produce between 3 and 4 pounds of 6% to 10% butterfat milk per day. The higher percentage of butterfat gives the milk a sweeter taste.  The does can be bred year-round and it is not uncommon for them to give birth to 3 or more kids. This would mean that there wouldn’t have to be a waiting period for milk.

What is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat | Goat Milk


They are known for having even tempers and playful personalities. They are said to be great with kids and other animals. Which we have seen since bringing our goats home. Our girls are very curious about the kids and other animals but were cautious in the beginning from not having much human interaction before finding a home with us. My son’s wether, Bingo shows the true temperament of a Nigerian Dwarf, he loves attention and playing games.

New Nigerian Dwarfs at our Home
Luna and Millie Our Female Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Why We Chose Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Most people that have Nigerian Dwarf goats like the combination of their small size and milking ability. I was looking for a goat that could be a pet as well as a great addition to the barn. My first goat growing up was a Lamancha dairy goat that ran around the yard like a puppy. That experience is something I wanted my son to have with the goats we brought home.

During my year of research, I learned about the Nigerian Dwarf Goats’ characteristics, temperament and why others decided that these little dairy goats were right for them. My experience with goats and the additional information helped me figure out that Nigeran Dwarfs were what my family was looking for.  If you are thinking of adding a few goats, Nigerian Dwarfs could be right for you too.

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