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When Roosters Attack

When tipsters attack

Picture farm fresh eggs, cute hens pecking the yard while a beautiful rooster stands guard. The reality ends up with you finding out that your rooster is as mean as he is beautiful. When roosters attack what do you do?

My first encounter happened one night while I was out watering animals. I was filling buckets not paying attention when I felt something smack into my leg. I looked down and there attached to my pant leg was our Silkie rooster.

When you find yourself in this situation you should GET AWAY QUICKLY, remember that there are things you SHOULD NOT DO and that there still may be hope of fixing your mean rooster’s attitude.

When tipsters attack


Understand that roosters usually become mean when they feel threatened. In some situations, they could just be wired that way. Either way a chicken owner can find themselves with a mean rooster from time to time.  

After the shock has worn off, look at your rooster’s body language to help determine your next move. Getting away should be your priority and there are things you shouldn’t do in the process.   



Standing your ground and having a stare down with your rooster is a mistake. Roosters usually face off and this is a typical attack stance. You will be inviting an attack with this behavior.

Defend Don’t Fight

Find anyway to defend yourself and get away. Don’t stick around and try to fight your angry rooster. Using objects or kicking could cause the rooster to become more aggressive.

Walk, Not Run

If you have the chance walk or back away. DO NOT RUN, running could lead an aggressive rooster to chasing you around the yard. On the opposite end DO NOT CHASE your rooster. Even if your rooster runs, he will remember and will most likely want a rematch later.

Possible Fix

It needs to be determined whether this kind of behavior was sporadic or if this is going to be a continuous problem. If this appears to be a continuous problem, you can try fixing it by taming your mean rooster. You can do this by holding his body in one arm and securing his legs with your other hand. Pet his throat while talking until he seems relaxed, then gently release him. If he walks away, you’re making progress. If your rooster attacks again catch him and start over.

When tipsters attach, mean

Just plain mean…

After multiple attempts to tame your rooster, you might find that your rooster is just plain mean. There may be nothing you can do to change your rooster’s bad attitude. If this ends up being your outcome it is best to be rid of the ornery bird before an attack causes damage to you or others. 

Your rooster could have been born mean, he could have been changed by different events or he could just be having an off day. No matter what the rooster’s reason is for being mean, GET AWAY and remember WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN ROOSTERS ATTACK. Determine what kind of problem this could end up being and that there could be a possible fix for your situation. If it turns out he doesn’t want to be fixed, get rid of him before you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

When tipsters attack

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