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Hello All, I'm Katie Sue!

Wife, Mom, Gardener, Hobby Farmer, Animal Lover, Outdoor Enthusiast, Photographer and Content Creator. These are just a few of the many parts that make up who I am and the roles I play in my country life.

FIRST A LITTLE ABOUT ME… I grew up on a hobby farm in a 150 year old farmhouse. Participated in the local 4-H program and over the years I have had the opportunity to learn from and raise a variety of farm animals. It was because of my love for animals and the outdoors that I couldn’t have imagined living any other way.

Building my own Country Life began in 2013 when my husband and I bought our 150-year-old farm. Every year we have different ideas, gain additions and have new experiences (good and bad). With each idea, experience or addition comes a learning opportunity where finding useful information is important.

I have learned that the search for the right information can be painfully overwhelming and time consuming. Katie Sue’s Country Life was created to help others learn how to build their dream country life without the overwhelm. The information and inspiration found on Katie Sue’s Country Life is from years of personal experience, asking questions and hours of researching.    

What does your dream country life look like?

Being self-sufficient, living outside city limits, wanting that farmhouse feel? Do you want to homestead, garden, or hobby farm? Whatever your goals, ideas or dreams might be Katie Sue’s Country Life has something to help you find the information and inspiration you need to build your country life.

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