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What is a Wether Goat?

When searching for goats to bring home, you may notice that you can choose from a doe, buck or a wether. A doe being your girl goat option, a buck is your breeding boy but what is a wether goat? You really should investigate what a wether goat is and why you may want one...

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7 Meat Animals For Beginners

You have decided you are ready to add a meat animal that will provide you with quality homegrown meat. Which meat animal is right for you and your country life? Adding any animal to your farm is a big responsibility and knowing which to add is important. When deciding which meat animal you will bring...

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Baby Goat Care Timeline

After months of learning and preparing, your baby goats have finally arrived! Now What? There are things that you need to do and think about after your babies have arrived. We have a baby goat care timeline that shows when each should be done. Things that are included are Vaccinations, disbudding, tattooing, when to give...

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