3 Ways to Store Your harvest, canning

3 Ways to Store Your Harvest

It’s Harvest Time! You started planning in December, worked hard and patiently waited all summer, now its time for your results. If you plan a garden like I do, you will probably have more vegetables then you and your family can eat. Finding ways to store your harvest is a must to prevent your hard...

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10 Needs For Farmhouse Living

10 Needs for Farmhouse Living

Living in an Old Farmhouse Living in a 150-year-old farmhouse with 3 dogs, 2 kids and a husband, I have found that there are things that I could not do without. Most are cleaning related household items; others are things that help with our specific farmhouse experience. If you have considered or are living in...

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7 Truths About Farmhouse Living

7 Farmhouse Living Truths

The idea of country living or the dream of owning a farm wouldn’t be the same without the stereotypical old white farmhouse. At least that is the picture that is usually painted for the people looking for the not so modern-day farmhouse living.  I grew up in an old farmhouse and I love living in...

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Waiting Out a Country Winter

Waiting Out a Country Winter

A Country Winter can be hard to endure when there are so many things that must be put on hold. The weather is unpredictable, and you don’t know how long you will be inside wishing for warmer weather. When the excitement from the holidays has died down and the snow no longer has that magical...

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Bacon Wrapped Venison Jalapenos Finished

Bacon Wrapped Venison Jalapenos

These Bacon Wrapped Venison Jalapenos are an easy appetizer or main course that are great anytime of year.  If you don’t like jalapenos you can swap them with sweet peppers or just leave them out. Venison is our main source of meat but it can be replaced with beef if that is easier to come...

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Building Your Country Life

How to Start Building Your Country Life

Dreaming of Building a Country Life? When thinking of building your country life it’s easy to see the finished picture. You know exactly what you want and where you want to be.  QUESTION IS, “HOW DO YOU GET THERE?”  A common mistake is believing you can just jump in and land at the end.  If...

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