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The search for the right information can be painfully overwhelming and time consuming. Whatever your goals, ideas or dreams might be, Katie Sue’s Country Life was created to help you find information and inspiration to build your country life.

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Simple DIY Herb Garden Container

Simple DIY Herb Garden

When buying herbs the cost can start to add up. This Simple DIY Herb garden can be put into any size container that you need. The herbs can be planted together or can be in individual containers. Here is how I created my Simple DIY galvanized tub herb garden.

Hay Bale Basics | Round Bale

Hay Bale Basics

HAY! What is it?
Anyone that has grazing animals on their farm knows how important hay is. It comes in different varieties, shapes and sizes. Knowing about your hay is important, you need to know what you’re getting and if its right for your animal.

Bacon Wrapped Venison Jalapenos Finished

Bacon Wrapped Venison Jalapenos

These are an easy appetizer or main course that are great for anytime of year.  If you don't like jalapenos you can swap them out with sweet peppers or leave them out.. They can be grilled or baked and the recipe is easy to change to suit your needs. 

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